Where are the missing files from my new Jekyll install

Looking back I’m quite surprised I struggled so much with this Jekyll ‘issue’. When I started my Jekyll journey I was following a tutorial on Lynda.com I fell at the first hurdle. When I installed a new Jekyll instance using jekyll new andrewculture (for andrewculture.com was my first Jekyll site) and then went looking for the files and folders the tutorial promised they were not there.

Disheartened, I ignored Jekyll for a few days. To be honest it was also Christmas so I was a little distracted anyway. Eventually I got to the bottom of the problem.

Why there are files missing from your new Jekyll install

As of a few versions ago the way Jekyll is bundled changed slightly, to slim down the basic install. Some of the folders included with the basic install of Jekyll are installed elsewhere on your computer and are sort of gathered up when the site build happens.

If you want to change them or add extra files then you need to copy the files into the actual folder you are working in. To find the files (so you can copy them) then run ‘bundle show minima’

You can then copy the folder using the terminal command `cp -a /source/. /dest/’